i'm currently immersed in a lifelong love of
beautiful fabrics and papers; the more texture
the better. i'm continually in search of materials,
including vintage wallpapers & drawer liners, decorative
papers from around the world, birch bark from my own
backyard, vintage maps & text books, and even
paint samples.  i decided on a whim that i'd like to
learn how to sew.  i bought a sewing machine and
took a class.  it didn't take long before i decided
to see if it was possible to sew paper on paper...
then i tried feathers, fabrics, and most recently,
birch bark.  several years ago, i sewed my first
paper circle onto a piece of scrap paper... a piece i
now have framed.  after all, it marks the beginning
of this business that's changed the direction of my
life for the better... i gave it a name, applied to
my first art show, and i haven't looked back since.